About Us

Established in 2015


Back in 2015, I started acting as an interpreter for groups doing part of their tour in Galicia. I have traveled extensively to many parts of the world and know Galicia very well. As a matter of fact, I have been acting as a tour guide for my friends visiting Galicia for a long time, that combined with having worked for a wine cellar and knowing because of that, the wineries in Galicia and their owners, gave me the knowledge and background to start sharing it with others, so I decided to start Tours of Galicia as a way to show what this wonderful land has to offer.

As things evolved and due to the need to be able to offer more tours in one day and in more than just English, I invited other guides to participate in the Tours of Galicia project and join me in this adventure of sharing knowledge and places of Galicia and offering unique experiences also in other languages.

We look forward to your stay.


Our mission is to offer our customers a professional, personalized private tour of Galicia and its surrounding regions, offering different options that can be adapted to fit your particular needs as to give you a unique experience that you will remember.


Our aim is to give you a good sense of the places you visit, with their history, customs, landscapes and everything that the areas that we visit have to offer.