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Discover Captivating Landscapes Welcome to Tours of Galicia, where an enchanting journey awaits you, guiding you through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Galicia and northern Portugal. Nestled in the northwest corner of the Iberian peninsula, Galicia stands as a testament to nature’s splendor. It often draws comparisons to the verdant vistas of Ireland and Scotland, yet it is adorned with a milder and substantially warmer climate, alongside lush expanses of trees that add to its unique charm.

Tailored Experiences at Your Fingertips Within our collection of exclusive private tours and shore excursions, we meticulously craft experiences to offer you unparalleled travel moments. We unveil the myriad treasures of this land, ensuring that every destination is thoughtfully chosen and brought within arm’s reach. Through thoughtfully designed itineraries, we seamlessly open the door to captivating locales, with our primary focus on the enchanting Atlantic coast and the areas closely linked to the revered “Camino.”

A Journey Through Culinary Delights Indulge your senses with our private Food & Wine Tours – an exploration that takes you through the most significant appellations of origin. From the renowned Rías Baixas and Ribeiro to the captivating Ribeira Sacra, Valdeorras, and the alluring Douro Valley in northern Portugal. Immerse yourself in the world of wines. Experience the crisp notes of Albariño and Godello, embrace the bold character of Mencía, and succumb to the intriguing allure of Touriga Franca. Engage in conversations with skilled winemakers, savoring their liquid artistry, and reveling in diverse and breathtaking landscapes that artfully set the stage for this remarkable culinary odyssey. And as you journey, Galicia’s gastronomy, a celebration of flavors, harmoniously accompanies every step of your voyage.

Beyond Wine: Unveiling Hidden Gems However, our offerings extend beyond the world of wine. We proudly present an exclusive array of private sightseeing and experience tours. These immersive journeys are designed to unveil hidden gems and provide insider perspectives of both Galicia and northern Portugal. Our commitment transcends the conventional notion of a journey – it’s an immersion into the very essence of these captivating lands, ensuring an experience that resonates deeply.

Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure So, we extend an invitation to you – join Tours of Galicia and Northern Portugal, where each step promises an unforgettable encounter with the heart and soul of this mesmerizing region. Allow the landscapes, flavors, and culture to intricately weave together, forming a rich tapestry of memories that will linger long after your journey’s end.



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Our meticulously curated tours are a result of extensive research and thoughtful design, aimed at delivering distinctive and unparalleled experiences to you, the enthusiastic traveler.

We are driven by the belief that as our valued customer, you possess a genuine desire for immersive exploration guided by a local expert. Our goal aligns seamlessly with this aspiration – to grant you intimate access to hidden gems and lesser-known locales that might otherwise remain elusive. This approach enriches your understanding of the destinations you explore.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we emphasize both the quality of our offerings and the authenticity of your encounters. Our mission is to provide you with an unfiltered perspective of the places you venture to and the activities you engage in. Through this lens, we aim to forge a deeper connection between you and the captivating experiences that await.

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